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In The Logical World News category, TLW provides a discussion on the latest news from the world. It is more inclined towards providing different points of view rather than providing daily incoming news.

TLW news realizes that the world is full of reporters of news and those who want to emphasize their opinions instead of listening to everybody. We at TLW will focus on respecting everyone’s thoughts, believes, and sentiments. We love to discuss anything without disrespecting anyone on the basis of religion, color, and creed.

Netflix Cheating Codes

Latest Netflix Cheat Codes: Watch Exactly What You Want To

Netflix has now become the biggest entertainment platform. It provides a huge collection of movies,…

How to Unban TikTok in Pakistan

How to Unban TikTok in Pakistan? TikTok Banned

A very popular app TikTok has been banned by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority today on 9th…

Legalization of Hemp Production

How Legalization of Hemp Production can Super Boost Pakistan’s Economy?

Legalization of Hemp Production can Super Boost Pakistan’s Economy. Wait! This is not a sweeping…

Warren Buffet’s investment strategy

Warren Buffet’s Investment Strategy during Corona Pandemic

The world’s fourth-richest billionaire of USA is investing differently during the coronavirus pandemic. Warren Buffet’s…

Who are Trillionaires

How Many Trillionaires are there in the World?

We know millionaires, billionaires, but who are trillionaires? The world’s money is accumulated in the…

Portland Shooting

What Exactly Happened in Portland, USA? Portland Shooting

A man was killed by gunshot in Portland shooting by the supporters of President Trump…

CEO of Amazon

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon Leads with $200 Billion of Net Worth

Jeff Bezos becomes the world’s richest man with a net worth of over 200 billion…

Ways to help the Environment

What are Five Ways to Help the Environment?

The environment around us directly affects the quality of our life. A clean environment can…

Story of Pakistan

From Terrorism to Tourism: Story of Pakistan

Pakistan is the country with more than 220 million population. It is the fifth most…